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Learning Arduino

Arduino Tutorial - YouTube/Element 14

Arduino Tutorial - YouTube/Martin Lorton

Arduino Tutorial - Ladyada

Arduino Home

Arduino Tutorials

Getting Started

Arduino eBooks

more Arduino eBooks

Intro to Arduino - YouTube

KB1KIX Intro to Arduino

Arduino tutorial

Element14 Arduino Group

Make your own Arduino including pcb

Arduino for Hams

AD9850 VFO - AD7C

Ham projects using Freetronics

APRS Radio Shield for Arduino

40M Arduino trasnsceiver - M0XPD

AD9850 Arduino - Web Shed

Arduino DDS shield - eBay DDS

Testing a AD9850-Arduino - NR8O

AD9850 DDS LCD & Rotary Encoder

Arduino Keyer

Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAxe

Arduino Radio Shield

Rig Control

CQ Caller

Ham field box arduino controller

Antenna/HRD/Servo Build Thread

Tilt/Pan Head for above

Ham Adruino Projects - 9M2PJU

Arduino controlled hidden transmitter

Arduino ATU

Arduino CW Keyer


Arduino Apps for Hams

Arduino Project for Hams Archives

Multimode QRSS Arduino shield

Shaft Encoder w/ Arduino

Quadrature Encoder for Arduino

Reading rotary encoder with Arduino

Sketch for rotary encoder

Acceleration support for Rotary Encoders

Reading Rotary Encoders - Arduino Playground

Arduino encoder reading

Quadrature Encoders

Panasonic EVQ-WTEF2515B Rotary Encoder

Sketch for DDS-60

Arduino Due and DDS - M0XPD

Arduino shaft encoder w/code

Arduino Products


Arduino Related Parts - The Parts Place

Atmega168 w/Arduino bootloader



Cell Phone Shield

Maker Shed

EarthShine Electronics

Element14 Community

Digispark - a small cheap Arduino

DF Robot



WWV receiver


Weather shield for Arduino

Smallest Arduino IDE Programmable board

Arduino Projects

Dangerous Prototypes

AirHog Quad-copter


Arduino for Home & Environment

Multiple Devices on SPI bus

Arduino Playground

Arduino Hacks

Arduino Board from scratch

Measure temp w/ MC9700A

Battery Tester

Top 40 Arduino Projects


Arduino Forum


Sensor data to iPhone

3G & GPS Shield for Arduino

Connect the Arduino to the Web

Arduino and GSM Cellular

GSM - GPS Playground

GM862 Cellular Module - Sparkfun

GPRS Quadband Module

DIY Open Source Arduino GSM Cell

Make cell phone calls with Arduino

Mobile Processing w/ cell phone

Telemetry over cellular IP

data from Arduino to mobile phone

Arduino gets 3G connectivity

GSM & GPS Apps

GSM shield to transmit the data

Reginald - remote robot, video feed

Dangerous Prototypes

Arduino bluetooth

SD interface to Arduino

Arduino + Android

I/O for Android

How to control Arduino board
using an Android phone

Arduino Mega Android™ Development Kit



Amarino Kit

Arduino and GSM Cellular

Arduino based cell phone trigger

My open-source, do-it-yourself cellphone (built with Arduino).

Lower Cost Arduino Cell Shield

Interfacing Arduino to a Cellular Phone

library SMS,emailing w/cellfone

Aurduino Forum cell phone

Arduino Forum - interfacing

Cellphone to Arduino - Farm Hack

Google Chooses Adriuno for Android connect

Add SMS, GSM/GPRS, and TCP/IP to Arduino

Google's Arduino-based ADK

Let your Arduino talk with your Android

Project: Mega ADK

Google ADK vs Arduino ADK vs Sparkfun IOIO

Arduino ADK setup - robotics & cell phone

GSMSerial: A cell phone for your Arduino

Going cellular with your Arduino

Arduino GSM-CDMA cell phone Adapter

Adrunio cell phone

Open Froglogger Project

My DevKit - Video (Quicktime, 95MB)

2nd step - BlinkingLED pin 12 (313MB)

Voice Recorder using Lillypad

PCM1803A Analog to Digital Stereo Converter



Operating an Arduino for a yr on batteries

Battery Controller for Arduino


LCD and LM35 temp sensor.;\

Arduino USB interface

NY Platform - eBay


Arduino Workshop book:

A very good getting started with Arduino book by John Boxall www.tronixstuff.com

Links from the book:

Arduino IDE download

Little Bird Electronics


Arduio Audio

Arduino Audio Input

PCM1803A A/D Stereo

MP3 Microphone Recorder

Adafruit WaveShield

Recording Audio with MSP430 chip

Recording Audio with MSP430 chip p.2

Audio Shield for Arduino

Library for the above shield

VS1003 MP3 I/O w/mic

VS1003 library

VS1003 Sketch

Audio Chip - WTR010

Micro SD card BOB - SparkFun

TC6181 audio recording module

VLSI Audio chips

VS1003 Board - MCM

Arduino Audio Input - Instructables

VS1003 Module

ACU PRO PCB - Audio recording device

Arduino Audio Input

ADS1115 16-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier

ECM Mic Amplifier - MAX4466

How to read an audio signal using ATMega328?

Arduino Realtime Audio Processing

TI Audio recorder ADC - PCM4220

AVR335 Digital Sound Recorder

Arduino Audio Input

SD card Arduino MP3/audio shield

Open Music Labs Codec based on
Wolfson WM8731

Wolfson WM8731 Codec data sheet

VLSI audio chip's software

Music Shield

Voice Rcorder Breakout ISD1932

ISD1900 data sheet

Voice Recorder ISD1932 - eshtre

Voice Recorder Breakout - Lee's

Adafruit Data Loggger shield


PIC Based audio recorder

Voice Recognition with Arduino

Arduino Sound Tutorial

Arduino + Sound (HackerSpace)

Voice in My Hat

WTR-S4 Audio Recording Module

Audio Recorder SD Storage ATmega

Adafruit wave shield

VS1053b HiFi Recorder

Rugged Audio Shield

waverp - library for recording for use with Adafruit Shield

AVT335 - Atmel app note for recording

DIY Arduino Audio Circuits

PCM4220 - 2ch ADC TI

VSMD301 - VS1103 Audio Module

VLSI Audio Products



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