Updated 7-31-12

The "Oner" - A Simple 1 Watt Transmitter (QST,October 1994)

From qrpradio.co.uk "The Amazing "Oner" Transmitter


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Collection of parts for the ONER

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Close-up of parts




1. Started building the Oner. 1st I sketched a layout. For a good example of very neat manhattan style layout go to AA7EE's blog and scroll way down the page.

2. Next I cut a piece of copper-clad to fit my little enclosure. I drilled holes for mounting to the bottom of the enclosure.I made a special pad a little larger than the MeSquare to glue down my toroid inductor. . and, then I need to go ahead and drill the front and rear panel for tuning cap, crystal, ON/OFF switch, BNC antenna connector, 2.1mm DC power jack, and the 3.5mm jack for the key. wait . . No...the rubber feet the came on the enclosure have turned hard over the years and I'm going to trash them then use stick-on feet. Then to save time and since I'm using one-sided copper-clad I will just double-side tape the pcb to the bottom of the chassis. . . .well, plans do change when ur working out of ur junk box. The stick on feet couldn't be found but I found some screw on feet that would directly replace those old ones that were on the old enclosure but that means I will have to mount the pcb on standoffs.

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OK. the pcb is drilled and standoffs attached. Rubber feet attached. Next drill holes for front & rear panel componenets such as tuning capacitor, xtal socket, ON/OFF switch, BNC antenna connector, 2.1mm DC power jack and 3.5mm stereo jack for key.

3. Front and rear panel components have been installed which lets us know where best to layout components on the pcb.