March 4, 2014

My Progressive Receiver

March 4, 2014 - BIG CHANGE OF PLANS. I've been trying to think of all the ways I could improve the 4040 design and have come to realize my 4040 was going to become a large machine like a "progressive receiver". So, I'm going to reduce the improvements to my 4040 to a reasonable amount and then proceed to design and build a large, high-performance receiver as I've been inspired to by the "progressive receivers" of the past. To see some "progrssive receivers" go to my LINKS page and look just a little ways down from the top of the right column. My progressive receiver would be different from those in the past in several ways. First, I will use DDS for frequency control and second I will add some other more modern design elements such as output for a panaramic frequency display, by own crystal filters, additional selectivity by use of a "NO RING" 200Hz audio filter, audio DNR, IF and other connections on the rear panel for control such as "mute" and a very sensitive front end in the neighborhood of -140dBm, I will use small relays throughout to switch bands and other features. Most of these relays will be controlled by an Arduino uC. I am using a HYCAS IF with IF/AGC controls brought out to the front panel, an S-Meter. You can find info about the HYCAS IF with links provided on my LINKS page below the section on the progressive receiver.