Updated March 10, 2014

QRP-Tech Group Projects: .. .. G3UUR Crystal Tester

(4 digit # refers to QRP-Tech group message)(Click on a project below to go to my Project-nnn page)

Project-000 = Simple EMRFD DC Receiver 4960
Project-001 = 8640Jr signal generator 3332
Project-001.5 = G3UUR Crystal Oscillator 3674
Project-002 = Regenerative receiver 4960
Project-003 = RF Sweep Generator 4313
Project-003.3 = W7EL Transceiver 4677
Project-004 = K8IQY PVX) or G3UUR Crystal 4835
Project-005 = Noise Generator
Project-006 = NN1G Transceiver Building Contest 4850

Project -xxx = My version of the NE4040

Project-xxx = Ugly Weekender (Muppet Style)

Test Equip used here: Tek DSO scope TDS2012C, Hatachi scope V-422 (very old but still works), HP Sig Generator 8640B, B&K Freq counter, B&K DVM, HP3400A RMS volt meter (good past 10MHz, 3 each HP lab power supplies, Simpson 260 VOM, AADE LC meter, Veleman DVM, Step Attenuator ARRL design.Building a couple of 50ohm loads, a return-loss bridge, a couple of AD8307 power meters, and a couple of scalar network analyzers.


As I begin another project, my version of the NE4040 transceiver, I will need to characterize and select 11.0592MHz crystals for the IF filter. I needed PROJECT 001.5 to select crystals. Somehow I acquired hundreds of Fox 11.0592MHz crystals. With all those crystals I may have to build crystal filters for other folks.

Here is the muppet pcb for the G3UUR crystal oscillator and "Yes" it's tin plated.

I'll post the finished oscillator soon.