Updated March 10,2014

QRP-Tech Group Projects: .. .. NN1G Transceiver

(4 digit # refers to QRP-Tech group message)(Click on a project below to go to my Project-nnn page)

Project-000 = Simple EMRFD DC Receiver 4960
Project-001 = 8640Jr signal generator 3332
Project-001.5 = G3UUR Crystal Oscillator 3674
Project-002 = Regenerative receiver 4960
Project-003 = RF Sweep Generator 4313
Project-003.3 = W7EL Transceiver 4677
Project-004 = K8IQY PVX) or G3UUR Crystal 4835
Project-005 = Noise Generator
Project-006 = NN1G Transceiver Building Contest 4850

Project -xxx = My version of the NE4040

Project-xxx = Ugly Weekender (Muppet Style)

Test Equip used here: Tektronix 465B o'scope, HP Sig Generator 8640B, B&K Freq counter, B&K DVM, HP3400A RMS volt meter (good past 10MHz, 3 each HP lab power supplies, Simpson 260 VOM, AADE LC meter, Veleman DVM, Step Attenuator ARRL design and several 10x BNC attenuators. Building a couple of 50ohm loads, a return-loss bridge, a couple of AD8307 power meters, and a couple of scalar network analyzers.

Links to NN1G Mark II sites:

My opening comments: (revised 11-22-2013)

The NN1G Mark II and Mark III I think must have evolved from the original 40-40 transceiver.

The ARRL book "QRP POWER" has at the beginning of chapter 3 the article of NN1G's 40-40 transceiver from QST, November 1994. The next article in the book is where AE6C and KB6FPW "revisit the 40-40 transceiver and make lots of improvements. They go into lots of detail about their experience with this transceiver that might be helpful for us who are building the Project-006. You can find this book used for $14.95 at amazon.com. They include lots of neat info about using this transceiver in a backpacking trip such as solar power, dual VFO for a larger freq coverage, Reducing power consumption for longer battery life, SWR & Transmatch, battery charger and solar power controller.

I've now collected parts for my transceiver.

I’ve been looking over the NN1G schematic and see some changes I’ll make:

  1. Make my own transformers using toroids
  2. Chg the IF freq slightly to 9.215MHz.  I have several dozen xtals of that freq and that’s normally the crystals I use for ladder filters.
  3. I’ll use the LO as it is in the schematic but will use a modular construction so I can later take out the MPF102 LO and use a N3ZI DDS2 which also provides for RIT.

Since I"m starting this project late I'm going to cheat a little. most of the receiver sections are similar to KitsAndParts receiver modules so I"ll use the pcb's for each rcvr section and modify them to match the NN1G circuit. The added benefit of doing it in this modular fashion is that I can then make some improvements I have in mind after the true NN1G transceiver is finished.

The local oscillator is working. Here's a little video about it: (If ya want HD just click the little icon between HD and Vimeo.)

NN1G-QRP-Tech-HD from Gene Dorcas on Vimeo.


The next video will be the rest of the receiver section.