April 9, 2014

Here is a list of my test equipment. Some were kits. There will always be equipment that I need but can's efford such as a high-end spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and high-end DSO, however, I can get the job done with what I have here. Clicking on a name in the left column will direct you to a page specifically dedicated to that piece of test equipment. (under construction)

Tektronix 465B analog oscilliscope   The old standard. I used this model for years at TI in the late 60's and 70's.
HP 3400A RMS RF Voltmenter   Flat to 10MHz but is usable at higher frequencies if you compensate for the drop-off. Need roll-off chart.
HP 8640B signal generator   The "does it all" signal generator. If you apply a ramp at the FM input at the right voltage levels it works well as a scalar spectrum analyzer for measuring band-pass filters.
SMD or IC chip test probe   Surplus from IC chip testing production line
Lab frequency counter, B&K 1856   Good to 3.5GHz
Simpson 260 VOM   The old standard from long ago.
Portable multimeter, Vellman   A less expensive alternative for a Fluke.
Hitachi analog oscillascope, 40MHz   A great scope that I need to sell to someone at a modest price.
Temperature Probe   + or - 1 degree, F or C.
RS232 Tester   with signal breakout
*Scalar Spectrum Analyzer(PHSNA)   PHWNA(Poor Ham;s Scalar Network Analyzer)
*Analog RF Power Meter   Based on AD8703A
*50ohm dummy load   For QRP transmitters. Homebrew for about 10Watts
Analog step attenuator   Handbook design.
*Crystal Test Oscillator   G3UUR - Used to characterize crystals
*Return-Loss Bridge   May be used in conjunction with Network analyzer
*Signal Generator 8640B Jr.   Osc section built and working. This was a QRP-tech group project.
Diawa SWR & Power Meter   Very large mirrored meter. Using for my QRP rig on the 20W scale.
AC Line tester   with LED indicators. Can use to check if your home outlets are wired correctly.
AADE LC Meter   Best LC meter for the $$. Very accurate even for very low values.
Atlas DCA Pro DCA75   Tests anything. Automatically determines what kind of device is plugged in and then tests and displays parameters.
Elecraft XG2 Receiver Tester   1uv for MDS receiver test and 50uV for S-Meter tests
Transistor L/C ESR Tester   Automatically tests and identifies. Also automatically determines what kind of semiconductor device is plugged in.
HP Lab Power supplies, 2 each   Adjustable V and I. Use for testing new Homebrew equip cuz I can set for over-surrent protection.
9850 Signal generatorz to 40MHz   Uses the AD9850. these are the little DDS usints from China

FL2014 Programmable Timer

  Timer/Controller used in the latest Froglogger model. Although built as a controller for a froglogger, it can also be a general purpose timer/controller.
A multitude of test cables   Most BNC to test clips or probes.
A multitude of cable adapters   BNC, UHF, Type N, banana, RCA
Large breadboards & power supply   Have 2 of these. One is a froglogger prototype right now. (March 2014)
0-30V Digital Panel Voltmeter   eBay. Powered by the input voltage.
Arduino breadboard setup for dev.   Arduino Mega, breadboard with 16x2 LCD, DS1307 RTC, 6 pushbuttons
PIC Development system   KayboarC ...etc...
Signal Generator - with sweep   an eBay signal generator with sweep capabilties usable to test filter response.
DDS Sig Generator/ DDS, N3ZI VFO   covers HF bands. Output perfect for input as LO to NE602/612
N3ZI freq counter   includes ability to offset readout to compensate for IF freq in a receiver
Collins Receiver, 75A-4   Restored, MDS -140dB, DSP DNR, 200Hz audio filter added. includes AM, SSB and CW mechanical filters
. . . .To Build:    
16F628 Freq Counter - EI9GQ   Very Simple. with .asm code
    * - under construction