March 27, 2014

Ugly Weekender

In the QRP-tech Yahoo Group one of the new "Sandbox" projects is the Ugly Weekender.

Other QRP-tech Group projects:

Project-000 = Simple EMRFD DC Receiver 4960
Project-001 = 8640Jr signal generator 3332
Project-001.5 = G3UUR Crystal Oscillator 3674
Project-002 = Regenerative receiver 4960
Project-003 = RF Sweep Generator 4313
Project-003.3 = W7EL Transceiver 4677
Project-004 = K8IQY PVX) or G3UUR Crystal 4835
Project-005 = Noise Generator
Project-006 = NN1G Transceiver Building Contest 4850

Project -xxx = My version of the NE4040

Project-xxx = Ugly Weekender (Muppet Style)


First I collect all the info I can on the Ugly Weekender:

Links to info from K6WHP:






From the ARRL QST archive:



and from the 1994 ARRL Handbook pp. 30-33 to 30-39


Here's is the VFO section muppet pcb layout. I still will do more checking for mistakes and haven't assembled it yet so there could be even more mistakes. When I have it working I'll post the final version. Most of the vacant areas are where the toroids are located.

The etch resist is in place and we're ready to etch the board.

The finished board.


OOPS! See anything wrong with the pcb above? Notice the nomenclature is backward? That's cuz I forgot to "flip" the image before making the board. Below is the corrected board.

You can see a little paper still on the black toner. If you can see that it's NOT on the exposed copper it doesn't hurt anything. If there is a thin coating of paper on the copper it will be etched away with the copper so don't worry about it.


Looks good !! I made it on thin, blue copper clad. the blue makes a nice looking pcb. In the etching process you have to use a high intensitiy LED flashlight to watch the process because the unetched areas are black and the pcb material is dark blue and you can't tell when the etching is finished if you don't use the light.

BTW, I timed the etching process and it took 5min. I kept on etching 'til 6min was up just to make sure. That was with me stirring the etchant continuously.

Here's a copy of the layout. If you download it and/or convert to another graphic format make sure the width remains at 3.8".